Just now – Week 9

Week 9

At the time of writing, the snow is completely gone and the ground below has thawed. And the wind, the sun and the relatively high temperatures have made the drying out of soil and paths well underway. Maybe it won’t be long before some of the earthworks in the new area can begin.

The work of cleaning the moat is now completed with the ground well and thoroughly frozen. Fortunately for that – because even though it may have looked dramatic in the Garden with tractor tracks and some sludge on the lawns, most tracks have disappeared with the melting snow – and subsequently Park & Vej will renovate the area around the moat when the weather turns.

It is bubbling up with new shoots in the Garden’s beds, and the birdsong is really in full swing – the mountain wagtail has arrived, and the red owl has visited the gray one several times – jow jow, it is truly spring.