Just now – week 37

Week 37

The rain has finally come to the thirsty plants, and it is almost to be seen that it has helped.

In the meantime, there have been professional meetings in the Botanical Garden, as Poul Erik Brander, former head of research at the Danish Agricultural Research Institute, visited to see how his plants thrived. And Poul Erik Brander was deeply impressed to see how far the project with Denmark’s Wild Plants has come, and above all how well the plants from his own garden thrive up here with us.

The circle of friends has also been very active – firstly with great work effort in the Garden, but also with showing the face outwards. On the volunteer day, pavilions were set up in the pedestrian street, where the Circle of Friends, together with the Garden Society, told about all the green initiatives that the two associations are responsible for.

The garden also shows itself from the beautiful side – the late summer heat and now also the rain works wonders, so just come out and enjoy it.