Just now – week 43

Week 43

It is in week 43 that all the potted plants including the Angel Trumpets are put in winter hibernation. They just got a little flick of the frost last week, so most of the leaves have fallen off. They need a winter break.

Many, many beautiful autumn colors to look at, and especially in sunshine there is a color orgy without equal.

And then it was Sunday the 24th of October that there was a flower bulb market in the Botanical Garden. It became a true inlet piece even on a slightly gray and relatively cool morning. Haveselskabet, Frederikshavn Kreds and Bangsbo Botanisk Haves Venner had established a small bulb market, where special flower bulbs and some plants were sold. In addition, there were also sales of various decorative items for the garden.

Subsequently, there were many visitors who took advantage of the visit to the Botanical Garden to see how far the project with Denmark’s Wild Plants had come, and they were certainly not disappointed. After only just over a year after the start-up, the project is now reaching the point that there are only a few slightly larger construction projects on the drawing board, e.g. a large pavilion. The last large plants from Årslev Agricultural Research will arrive during the next week, and then they are filling up at least in the forest edge departments. The theme beds are continuously updated with plants and signs.