Just now – week 44

Week 44

It was then in week 43 that all the potted plants including the Angel Trumpets were run in winter hibernation. They then need a winter break, and are back in the spring of 2022.

Holmen Anlæg has picked up plants in Årslev, but there is at least one more load down there. The experimental station in Årslev, in short, was the place where former research leader for Danish Agricultural Research Poul Erik Brander worked to select plants from around the world. It is thus plants that have been through a long-term selection work, which ensures that they are the best in the species in terms of a large number of characteristics that make them particularly suitable for growing in Denmark.
Danish garden owners have been able to benefit from this, as the plants that were selected were put into production with the nickname DaFo (Danish Research).
The experimental station has now been closed down, which will benefit Bangsbo Botanical Garden, as some of the plants that Poul Erik Brander has worked with down there have now come “home” to Bangsbo – to the other plants that Poul Erik Brander has determined , that we could dispose of.

In week 44, the clean-up begins in the southernmost part of Denmark’s Wild Plants – that is, stored soil, sand, stones, etc. are removed, and a material site is built.