Just now – week 23

Week 23

The 25th Bangsbo Flower Festival took place in fantastic weather, with a speech by Mayor Birgit S. Hansen, who praised all actors involved in the now revived event. She also named the Knop of the Year in Bangsbo – Carl Christian Madsen – longtime editor of Nordjyske Stiftstidende and Lokalavisen. After the opening ceremony, invited and many of the festival guests went to area 7 – Denmark’s Wild Plants, which was solemnly inaugurated with speeches by chairman Preben Reinholt, director Morten Kock from Spar Nord Fonden, and of course Mayor Birgit S. Hansen. The silk ribbon was then cut, marking the completion of all the planned plants in the 8-hectare garden after some 34 years – a very memorable day.