Just now – week 33

Week 33

There are still some water reserves in the soil after the heavy rains last week, but a good number of the newly planted growths in Denmark’s Wild Plants are now being cared for with almost daily watering as daytime temperatures creep up to 27 degrees.


The old willow tree in the Physician/Spice Garden has now received its final verdict – massive infestation of borer beetles, cracks in the trunks and continually bowing main trunks mean that the tree must be felled. It is not known how old the tree is, but that will be found out when the tree is felled. The plan is then to dig up the root and the old damaged bench, and replace the tree and bench with equivalents.

Once again there have been prominent visitors to the Botanical Gardens. Four of Europe’s most prominent figures on alpine plants and crevice beds visited the Botanic Garden on Friday to see how plant growth in the crevice bed has progressed since their last visit. Jiri Papousek and Zdenek Hlavon from the Czech Republic, Geir Moen from Norway and finally our local expert Kaj Andersen from Flauenskjold were eager to see how the plants, donated to the Garden by Jiri Papousek and Kaj Andersen among others, have developed over the time the cleft bed has existed, and they were impressed by the harmony that has developed between plants and stones – it looks like a real alpine landscape.

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