Just now – week 20

Week 20

Spring is well and truly upon us with the sunshine and warmth that we have been waiting for for so long. There are lots of flowering plants to look at in all the gardens – Trillium – Trefoil, Daphne – Pepper bush, Pulsatilla – Cow nettle, Gentiana – Gentian…. and all framed by the enormously beautiful old beech trees. Then “May, my goodness” finally arrived! But we are now in need of some rain….

Based on a reasonably accurate knowledge of how many people visit Bangsbo Botanical Garden annually – and it significantly exceeds 150,000 guests – the Garden’s board and executive committee have unanimously decided to invest in a defibrillator. It is located on the gable of the Gardener’s House and is registered in Trygfonden’s register of available defibrillators.