The Botanical Area

The natural landscape of The Botanical Area permitted the establishment of several, quite different, plant- communities according to the conditions created by factors of slope, woodland-edge, and the watercourses flowing through this part of the garden. Advantages provided by each of these factors were considered when deciding where to place the different plant collections.

The Botanical Area is divided by hedges allowing guests to explore the different garden-spaces created by these partitions. It is hoped that these plant collections will be a source of inspiration; in some way stimulating interest in the diversity of plant-communities, and garden-styles, represented in the different areas. For example, the large rock-constructions of The Crevice Bed and The Norwegian Mountain Wall are dramatic garden-features containing plants only rarely found in gardens. The watercourses and ponds give life to the garden in many ways – providing, of course, a habitat for plants but also for insects and birds.

Sculptures created by local artists compliment the plant collections, giving an added dimension to the garden and enhancing the experience for visitors. Guests to the garden are always welcome to enjoy their visit with a picnic, sitting on one of the many benches provided in the garden.

Film from the garden