What is Bangsbo Flower Festival?


In Frederikshavn we welcome summer every year with a big flower festival in beautiful surroundings in the old park of Bangsbo Botanical Garden. The flower festival is always held on the first weekend in June.

In 110 pavilions, garden clubs, amateur gardeners, nurseries, organisations and associations invite the flower festival public to creative exhibitions of garden art and garden accessories as well as sales of all kinds of plants such as alpines, rhododendrons, clematis, succulents, primroses, geraniums, lilies and perennials.

At the Bangsbo Flower Festival, there’s plenty of opportunity to have a good garden or plant chat with knowledgeable gardeners, and when hunger and thirst set in, you can buy food and drinks to fill your palate from a number of pavilions. 

Bangsbo Flower Festival is visited every year by 5 – 6000 plant or garden enthusiasts, mainly from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Bangsbo Flower Festival is organised by Bangsbo Botanical Garden and a steering committee for Bangsbo Flower Festival. Any profits from the flower festival help to ensure the continued development of Bangsbo Botanical Garden.

What else can you experience?

It is a good idea to set aside a day or two to visit the Bangsbo Flower Festival, so that you also have time to enjoy the scenic surroundings in and around the Bangsbo Botanical Gardens in the southern part of Frederikshavn.

If you walk above the old part of the garden where the flower festival is held, you will come to the Botanical Gardens, which contain many collections of interesting plants, and next to them, the newly laid out garden with Denmark’s Wild Plants.

See more at https://BangsBobotaniskeHave.dk/danmarks-vilde-planter/

You can also visit the viewing platform on Pikkerbakken, 71 metres above sea level, where you get a unique view of the town, the harbour and Hirsholmene, with views of both Sæby and Skagen. 

See more at https://www.toppenafdanmark.dk/frederikshavn/se-oplev/pikkerbakken

If you want to go higher, the Cloo Tower is worth a visit. The Cloostårnet rises 160 metres above the sea and offers a fantastic view to all corners of the world.

See more at https://www.toppenafdanmark.dk/frederikshavn/se-oplev/cloostaarnet

If you’re more in the mood for a walk in the woods with the chance to see fallow and red deer up close, Bangsbo Deer Park is just next door. Here there are marked trails and a fun nature playground for the little ones.  See more at https://da-dk.facebook.com/BangsboFrederikshavn/

If you are interested in history, you can visit North Jutland’s Coastal Museum, Bangsbo, in the old manor house Bangsbo. There are various exhibitions, including a large collection of horse-drawn vehicles, a large exhibition on the Danish resistance during World War II and the Ellingå ship – a well-preserved ship from the Middle Ages, found north of Frederikshavn. 

See more at https://www.kystmuseet.dk/besoeg-os/kystmuseet-bangsbo/

And when you get hungry after a long day, Restaurant Møllehuset is also right next door, where you can eat delicious food in atmospheric surroundings. 

See more at https://mollehuset.dk/


Bangsbo Flower Festival

Entrance prices

Day ticket: 50 kr.
Children under 16 years: free

Free parking