Birds in Bangsbo Botanic Garden

Bangsbo Botanic Garden is a neighbour to, or actually is a part of, Bangsbo forest and therefore shares the area’s fauna. One doesn’t need to spend too much time here before one discovers the very diverse birdlife.

Some species are more noticeable than others – some are here all year round, while others are migrants and, therefore, can only be seen at certain times of the year.

If one is lucky, there are also rarities to be seen, amongst them the kingfisher, which is almost always to be seen close to water and, luckily, we have a lot of that here! Large birds-of-prey occasionally fly over the area – and sights really worth experiencing are, a white-tailed eagle gliding high over Vrangbæk dale or a kite, with its characteristic flight and V-forked tail, searching the area for prey.