Boolsen’s Stone Collection

The area of the garden containing Boolsen’s Stone Collection was conceived by the author Johannes Boolsen (1895 – 1985) who, in the years between 1939 and 1973, collected over 1,000 stones in his private garden at Vodbindervej 14, Bangsbostrand. Most of the stones originate from the local area of Vendsyssel, and many were acquired using the age-old principles of bartering. Johannes Boolsen collected amber on the beach, polishing pieces to create jewellery, and thereafter swapped these for especially distinctive and interesting stones. Johannes Boolsen’s property and stone collection were bought by Frederikshavn council in 1973. This extensive collection contains representatives of many types of carved stone, from the millstones of ancient peoples, though medieval baptismal-fonts to more recent millstones and ship-mooring bollards.

The stone collection is placed in the area of Bangsbo estate that was known as Danseengen (The Dance-meadow).

The stones are placed in a fan-formation, spread out from an old oak tree that is more than 200 years old. The fan-formation is divided into ‘beds’, in each of which there is an emphasis on a certain type of carved-stone. Various cultivars of crab-apple tree have been planted in this area.

The Park

The Park consists of those parts of Bangsbo Botanic Garden – old and new – immediately surrounding the old estate-house. Information-boards describe in three languages, some of the interesting features of each area.

Images from Boolsen’s Stone Collection