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Change of date for the bulb market in Bangsbo

The flower bulb market in Bangsbo has been changed to Sunday 24 October and the time is still between kl. 10.00 and kl. 14.00.

The change is due to the fact that the Dutch bulb supplier, due to the cold spring, is 2 weeks later with the production than usual, which means that the bulbs can only be delivered in mid-October.

Still hoping to see many of you to the bulb market with many exciting and rare flower bulbs that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Small bulb market (4 bulb sellers) on October 24 from 10-14 in Bangsbo Botanical Garden.

The garden company Frederikshavn Kreds and Bangsbo Botanisk Have’s friends have made a small bulb market where we sell special bulbs and some plants etc.

This year, the garden company has bought many more bulbs at home than last year, there will be a number of Tulips small and large in different varieties, Allium, Erythronium, Narcissus and small blue Iris.

Private seller who has bulbs and alpine plants.

Private seller who has biodynamic Tulips and Allium.

There will be special bulbs that Bangsbo Botanical Gardens Friends sells, 3 kinds of anemone nemorosa, 5 kinds of Camassia, Colchicum automnale album, 3 kinds of Erythronium, 7 kinds of Fritillaria, 3 kinds of Iris, Narcissus recurvus, Sternbergia lutea. They also sell some plants, coffee and cake.

The garden company will be present with material, brochures and good advice and a good offer.

Friends of Bangsbo Botanical Gardens will also inform about the friends’ activities and garden.

If you have surplus onions, plants or other garden-related things you would like to sell, you can contact the following for a stand:

Ejnar Josefsen, Tel. 28 71 06 81. Mail:

Finn Borbjerggaard, Tel. 29 48 63 93. Mail:

The standspace is free this day.

There are no events planned at the moment, but keep an eye on this website because we will certainly come with something again soon.

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