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When one enters the abundance of scent and colour found in Bangsbo Botanic Garden, it is not difficult to imagine oneself back in time in Bangsbo’ s heyday, when a gardener could be seen going about his work dressed in a suit and top hat!

The garden covers almost 8 hectares at the southern edge of Frederikshavn adjacent to the old estate-house of Bangsbo, which is now a part of the North Jutland Coastal Museum. The area is bounded by woodland and the Bangsbo river and situated in a glacial landscape formed after the last ice-age.

In the older part of the garden, one can experience the English-style park with its many benches, mature trees, and a small “Tea-house”. There is also a rose garden, a medicinal and culinary herb garden, a sensory garden, a historical fruit garden and a bonsai tree collection.

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Rosa ‘Westerland’ welcomes visitors to Bangsbo Botanic Garden

Walking up the southern slope of the old park, one enters The Botanical Area, the layout of which began in 2006 and now incorporates watercourses, ponds, possibly the world’s largest crevice bed together with a tufa bed for alpine plants, beds for woodland plants from different parts of the world, a ‘mountain-cliff’ of Norwegian basalt and several cultivar collections of, for example, Hosta and Geranium and, the most recent addition, a collection of peonies planted in 2015.


The adjacent grass field was the final part of the garden to be realised according to the original plans and includes an area reserved for Denmark’s native flora. Work on this part of the garden was not begun before 2020. A fund-application to cover construction expenses was sent to “A. P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinny Møllers Fund til Almene Formaal” (A.P. Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller’s General-purpose Fund) and in March 2020 came the delightful message, that the fund would donate 2 million kroner towards completing the project.


Landscaping work commenced on the 14th of August 2020, with a ceremony in which mayor Birgit Hansen operated the excavator and thereby initiated the landscaping work; the progress made was already apparent at the end of that year, with the layout of the paths and the first plantings in place.

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Parts of the garden – both new and old – surrounding the old estate house