The Heather Area

The most level and sunny site of The Botanical Area was selected for growing heathland plants. Different varieties of heather and heath were planted here in 2014, ensuring flowering throughout most the of the year with a multitude of flower and leaf colours.

A heather named ‘Jysk Naturform’ (‘Jutlandic Wild Form’) is to be found amongst these heathland plants. It is a form of heather selected from a heath in Jutland in 1996 to represent a typical, native Danish heather plant. Crowberry, Juniper, Cowberry, and Bearberry are also planted in The Heather Area and contribute with added interest throughout the year. There are also several species of birch trees, free-standing above the lower-growing heath plants.

The soil substrate has been ‘improved’ to benefit heathland plants; a thick layer of peat has been cultivated into the soil and thereafter the whole area covered with bark chippings.

One can walk along paths laid out in this area and get a closer look at the various plants. These paths are partly lined with timber, cut from lower branches removed from some of the trees in the surrounding woodland edge. All the logs used in The Botanical Area originate from the surrounding woodland.

Images from The Heather Area