The Medicinal and Culinary Herb Garden

Of course, a large estate-house often has a medicinal and herb garden, and Bangsbo’ s medicinal and herb garden was constructed in 1994, to the west of the estate’s farm buildings. The beds are slightly raised with wooden edges and contain an assortment of about 150 plants, representing some of those that might have been grown in the estate’s past. Well-known herbs, such as parsley, basil and dill grow alongside, for example, common mug wort and many beautiful and colourful medicinal plants.

There are culinary herbs here for every taste, and medicinal plants for every imaginable ailment.

A visit to The Medicinal and Culinary Herb Garden is a fascinating experience. Especially in our day, when medicine is mostly something prescribed by a doctor in the form of tablets, it is interesting to learn something about the long list of healing-plants grown here. Many of the herbs could be used both in the sickbed and in the kitchen. There are labels on each of the beds, describing something about the plants and their possible uses.

The Tuborg-fund contributed economically to construction of this part of the garden and Gunnar Nicolajsen from Skive donated all the original plants.

The Park

The Park consists of those parts of Bangsbo Botanic Garden – old and new – immediately surrounding the old estate-house. Information-boards describe in three languages, some of the interesting features of each area.

Images from The Medicinal and Culinary Herb Garden