List of Exhibitors

This list of exhibitors is updated for each flower festival. Registration for each year’s festival is first possible in the springtime of that year and until then you can see a list of exhibitors that participated in the previous festival.

List of exhibitors:

Garden, and plant, societies:

The Alpine Garden Society: Kaj Andersen

Unusual plants: alpines, dwarf-forms, Hosta, Oxalis, Rhododendron, as well as many new plant cultivars suitable for many different types and styles of garden. Plants previously unavailable in Denmark.

Friends of Bangsbo Botanic Garden

‘Plant-locker’: have your plant-purchases looked after (free-of-charge) until you leave. Information about the work of ‘The Friends of the Garden’ and sale of plants from the botanic garden.

The Garden Society, Frederikshavn Area

Information about The Garden Society. Sale of items from the society shop. Lottery and exhibition of planted containers.

The Pelargonium Club

Sale of Pelargonium (geranium) plants and cuttings.

Commercial Nurseries and Suppliers

Alderslyst Winery

Sale of vine stocks, Danish wine, and Greek specialities.

Mesing Wreath-binder

Diverse seedling-plants.

The Plant Explorer

Hostas, peonies, perennials and other good things for the garden.

Thyboesminde Perennials

Sale of unusual and beautiful garden plants. Specialist in perennials and ornamental bushes, such as woodland plants, elderberry-cultivars, and hydrangeas.


Sale of perennials and hostas.

Sæby Nurseries

Sale of bedding plants, perennials, ornamental bushes and more. Primarily plants from own nursery in Hørby.

Vitskøl Kloster

Sale of culinary herbs.

Private Growers and Suppliers

Anna Kjemtrup og Keld Buch

Perennials and ornamental grasses.

Bjarne Madsen

Flowers, geraniums (Pelargonium), cuttings, and various other plants for home-growing.

Ivan Nielsen

Sale of, and information about, geraniums (Pelargonium); common zonal, dwarf, mini, miniature, and various wild species. Also, a selection of scented-leaf geraniums.

Kaj Eisenhardt

Sale of konjac (Amorphophallus konjac) and other seedling-plants.

Kirsten Dahl

Sale of bedding plants, some perennials, tomato, pepper and cucumber plants and, possibly, herbs and orchids. There will also be a lottery and creation of flower-bouquets and decorations, also for sale.

Peter’s Lilies

This year ‘The Lilyman’ is able to present 25 new cultivars never before offered in Denmark. There will be a completely “black-Asian”, 5 gold-medal winners, and a “double-oriental Lotus series” which I myself have obtained and has the most wonderful scent. As something new, I have planted pots containing several lily bulbs and all at prices you will recognise.

Other Participants

Preben Nielsen

Many exciting perennials; including delphiniums, blue Meconopsis, poppies, coneflowers, Canna, and grasses.

Hou Creative

Beautiful benches and tables in teak, as well as many different animal figures and other items. Everything is handmade in Thailand, where we ourselves buy direct from many small families.

Gitte Sørensen

Urns, pots, and zinc items for the garden as well as many other garden-related things.

Jamik Design

Bird-nesting boxes, bird-feeding tables, garden-seats, apple-boxes, ‘rocking-lambs’, and lambskins.

Laybourn Design

Garden decorations, windmills, rain-gauges, watering cans, and such like.

‘Ting-og-sager’ Ornamental Ironwork

Flower-supports, baskets, bird-feeding tables, etc. in ornamental ironwork.


Many various items in wickerwork.

Aktivitetshuset sydbyen

Sale of coffee, waffles and juice. Sale of lottery tickets and flower-related items.


Bread and cakes.


Seafood restaurant – salmon – dried fish – fish cakes – draft beer – non-alcoholic drinks.

Frederikshavn Poultry Club

Poultry information and exhibition. Come and visit us, and have a talk about poultry.

Glass-blower Lofstad

I sell my own mouth-blown glass, which is suitable for decoration in the garden. Handmade wooden boxes and signs, as well as other garden and flower-related artwork.

Hjørring-area Beekeeping Society

Exhibition and information about beekeeping. Sale of honey.

Jokke’s Multiservice

I offer everything in relation to landscaping, paving, tree-felling, and garden service. “Excavator- competition with prizes”.

MH Trading/Shop Lena

Hats, caps, straw-hats, socks, bags, slippers, etc.

Per Christensen

Caps, straw-hats, sunhats.

The Snaps-guild Cimbrerne

Sale of herb-bags and decanters.

Suso Ceramics

Ceramic pillars.

Bangsbo Flower Festival

Entrance prices

Day ticket: 30 kr.
Children under 14 years: free

Free parking